A reel surfaced on Instagram recently showed the crude reality of the world that we all are a part of. The reel was about how a woman is not safe anywhere, neither in public places, nor in their own home. It is extremely abhorrent to know how everyone goes through harassment of this kind at least once in their life, irrespective of the caste, creed, religion and gender.

My wrinkles and my folded skin were seductive?? My yell and age weren’t an obstacle when it came to his lust. For a 70-year-old like me , he was like a son…

Warrior Women

Being pregnant. It brings bliss to some when they see the two positive strips on the pregnancy stick. For many women, pregnancy is pride, the consecration of a certain type of femininity. Often, it’s the only time when society celebrates a woman, besides her arranged wedding. There are baby showers. Pregnancy photoshoots. Gifts. Special food. Special care. People on the bus giving up their seat for them and all that courtesy. On the contrary, some resonate in the staggering sacrifices they would have to make, as the idea of one becoming two hasn’t quite taken a hold on them yet.

A movement to change how we see ourselves.

As she walked down the hall, she tried pulling her shorts a bit lower, the eyes scanning her made her conscious, was her wearing it wrong?

What is body positivity?

Body positivity is the assertion that all people deserve to have a positive body image.

Regardless of how society and others label someone’s body as abnormal or undesirable this movement is rooted in the need to be able to accept oneself defying the infamous beauty standards, regardless of size, gender, color, and race as well as breaking all the stereotypes against boys wearing makeup or plus size women wearing shorts.

Warrior Women

Women are Tigresses- Powerful, Mighty and Dynamic. Leave a tigress alone, and she will hunt down anyone who tries to trespass against her.

Since ancient times we’ve been witnessing all sorts of scenarios to bring women down. A woman’s status is a very critical factor in judging the success of any society. But this was a far cry, considering that the past civilisations and societies have been governed solely by male domination. Since forever women have been told to shush down their opinions and have no role in decision making. All glories, success and wins were just meant for men…

Pooja: Hey, do you have a pad?
Pooja: I have to go back home, it’s a female emergency

The above statements might be simple sentences, but have complex feelings churning inside of them. They might be a short sentence, but speak volumes in itself. Do you remember which century we live in? With the world reaching the zenith in technology and sciences, our discussions related to freedom begin and end with menstruation. Let me tell you about two Poojas, one who lives in a metropolitan city, while the other one in a small village. Both of them are adolescent girls…

Menstruation, more commonly known as ‘periods’ is a bodily function that has been unjustly assigned to just one gender for centuries altogether. Women have borne the burden of the title ‘menstruators’ and have been mercilessly shunned and shamed for it too, from the beginning of time. Periods are messy, painful, expensive, and stressful, but they are not feminine, and they are not shameful. The quote “Menstruation is the only blood that is not born from violence, yet it disgusts you the most,” as said by Maia Schwartz portrays aptly the light under which periods are viewed. …

Without periods, none of us would exist. Menstruation is as natural of a process as it is to eat or breathe, it’s something almost half the population goes through every month, then why don’t we even call menstruation by its name? Euphemisms exist for a reason. The impact of such menstrual taboos and secrecy is clear: they lead to ignorance, myths, and ultimately detriment the health and welfare of billions of people worldwide. It’s the 21st century, drastic changes are required to encourage positive social norms and ultimately enact behavioral change. The knowledge surrounding the menstrual cycle of menstruators still…

The arena of women's health is quite complex in a socio-economic society, and it requires deep analysis for the flourishment of a healthy community. Well, the opening line might awestruck you but it simply means that the female emotions are complex assets of society. The enthusiasm and happiness of a woman light up the cheerful faces of her family. Even a tiny discomfort caused to her can tilt the scales. Conditions like PCOS can cause prolonged stress and worries in a normal household, and if it goes unchecked, can create worse scenarios. …

Mental health is one of the things that require immediate attention. Now, let’s talk about the words “mental health” and “menstruation” being put together in the same sentence. Sounds complicated? That might just be the understatement of the decade. Menstruations don’t just take a toll on a woman’s body physically but it also drastically affects her mental wellbeing. Women often feel like a slave to their hormones, but isn’t it true to some extent? In an entire month, for a week we menstruate and a week right before that we are ovulating, so all in all we just get more…

The phases of the moon time

Menstruation en route is like a ride down a roller coaster to say at the best. Just when life seems to be an absolute blessing, the ovaries decide to hit us with the most relieving yet torturous and nasty journey a person could think of. Like a rocky road full of curves, menstruation has bents on each phase — pre-period, period, and post-period. It is not just a condition concocted by one to gallivant on streets as an excuse for miserable mood. …

Project Naari

Bleed Safe, Change the Norm.

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